Built-in with our innovative intraday trading strategies

It is an amazing software which is made by as it is 95% accurate based on technical analysis using by traders around the world in Commodity/ Stock / Currency markets.

Our “Trade Finder” software is easy to use and simple to understand, so no need to use any other technical indicator, no need to have any prior knowledge on technical analysis & fundamental analysis and also you don’t have to be a computer expert. This software is very simple to use.

the best features of our “Trade Finder” the software is that you don’t have to take any tension in the market hours. Because it fully depends on EOD (Daily Price) chart. it will give you an advance signal before trading hours start. So, on the trading hours, you will just have to put orders at your broker’s terminal to execute the trades with accurate Entry, Target & stop-loss. And you can go to your own work. after the market hours, you have to only watch your trading account that how much you have earned. So keep tension less & use our “Trade Finder” (Buy & Sell signal) Software to earn more.

TradeFinder Features


Our TradeFinder software is designed with a user-friendly interface and developed with advanced indicators to display perfect calls for the intraday traders. This software interprets genuine signals for trading to avoid fake calls.


Our innovative trading strategy and unique trading algorithm use several techniques to boost up decision making for identifying perfect entry and exit levels with accurate buy and sell signals. Our Tradefinder software uses advanced indicators to figure out accurate calls to make maximum profit by eliminating fake signals.


Our TradeFinder software generates calls before market open with historical price data. So you can trade with generated calls during intraday trading hours with target & stop-loss order without any tension. And you don’t have to sit in front of your trading terminal during trading hours.


Our multiple targets with minimum stop loss are designed to help you to stay in the trade for the big move with minimized risk to take advantage of the market volatility, explosive moves, and strong trends to extract maximum profits with the least amount of losses in every trading calls generated by TradeFinder software.


We regularly research to find profitable trading strategies and upgrades our TradeFinder software to generate more accurate calls. Once we release a new version of our TradeFinder software then same will be provided to our existing client at no extra cost.


We value the importance of time in trading hours. So our team provides Fast and Effective technical support to all our clients through email, call/SMS or remote assistance. Your queries will be taken over by our technical department immediately in working hours.


*** If you can prove us with valid documents that you are in loss after taking all the trades generated by our TradeFinder software and maintained proper stoploss for each trade generated by our Tradefinder software for at least 1 year from your TradedFinder’s license activation date then we will refund you the amount which you paid for our TradeFinder license.